Animal Lover’s Reiki Classes

Open your heart to love and healing for yourself and your human and animal friends. Practice inviting your animal friends to join you in a space of loving-kindness. Here, when you and they feel you are not needing to “do” something, but are rather just “being,” then healing for both you and your animal friends often occurs. They may sniff your hands as they sense the Reiki energy flowing, they may settle down for a Reiki nap, or they may present the part of their body that needs Reiki to you, so you can give them hands-on Reiki.

We all have light and love within us, and want to relax and enjoy our lives, both humans and animals alike. Love is the greatest force in the Universe. Our animals accept us and love us unconditionally and are all tuned in to our energies. They are great friends and teachers.

These classes are for both beginners in Reiki and for Reiki I and more advanced practitioners who would like to work with animals. These classes include the (Usui-Holy Fire II) Reiki I Attunement. If you have already received Reiki I training, this Attunement will connect you with the most recent upgraded Reiki energies available (Holy Fire II.)  The Holy Fire II Reiki energies are intelligent, healing, empowering, guiding, helping, and purifying. The Attunement is given directly by the Holy Fire II Reiki energies themselves, providing participants with their own unique healing experience, unlimited by the teacher’s vibration.

These classes give you experience in the basics of Animal Reiki: how to ask the animal’s permission, meditations, how to scan their body and biofield to determine where Reiki is needed, how to work with their chakras, how to channel Reiki, signs of acceptance of Reiki.

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