Inner Guides Uriel

Archangel Uriel’s name means “fire of God.” Fire is the transformative vehicle for our entire being. A. Uriel is a mentor who can oversee our life lessons. He gives us appropriate information and thoughtful, wise, and loving perspectives so that we can make wise choices, and transform our lives in the alchemical fire to be vessels of Divine Love. A. Uriel also encourages creative expression of Divine Beauty, the beauty of an inspired mind, and spiritually realized being. A. Uriel has been known as the illuminator of situations, giving information about the future, and is credited with bringing the Kabbalah to humankind. From Wikipedia, “Kabbalah seeks to define the nature of the universe and the human being, the nature and purpose of existence, and various other ontological questions. It also presents methods to aid understanding of the concepts and thereby attain spiritual realization.”

A. Uriel is also known as an archangel who helps with weather,  natural disastors and changing Earth situations.

Before the workshop you will receive the Archangel Uriel manual from the Lightarian Institute, to read before the class.

During this workshop you will

  • Receive the Archangel Uriel AngelLink™ attunement
  • Receive information on Archangel Uriel specialties
  • Experience creative expression, both the feminine and masculine sides that we all embody
  •  Channel A. Uriel’s wisdom, inspiration, perspectives on our life lessons, and solutions to difficulties.
  • Experience meditation time to receive  A. Uriel’s wisdom, insight and perspective.
  • Give Archangel card readings to other participants.
  • Ask A. Uriel to help us send distant healing to disaster areas and to heal the root cause of the increased earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, and other deleterious earth changes
  • Receive another book, your choice from Lauren’s selection on working with inner guides, archangels, other spiritual guides
  • Healthy refreshments will be served for the morning & afternoon breaks, bring your lunch, or go out to eat during the 40 minute lunch break

Presenter Lauren Potter has taught healing arts classes since 2008, including Inner Guide and Archangel Workshops, Opening to Channel workshops, all levels of Reiki training, Dream, Vision & Intuition Workshops, Mandala Workshops, & Stress Reduction Workshops. Lauren is an intuitive channel, a Lightarian Institute Facilitator, and is Adjunct Faculty at CCSNH teaching Reiki to massage students.

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