ART / Master

Advanced Usui-Holy Fire II Reiki Training and Master Class

The Art/Master class is filled with  love, first and foremost, and very high vibration Reiki experiences, attunements, and the learning and practice of advanced techniques. The Holy Fire II Reiki energy is compatible with Reiki energy you may have been attuned to in your Reiki I & II classes but is of a higher frequency and effectiveness. Holy Fire II Reiki Energy is the most recent upgraded Reiki energy on the planet and is empowering, healing, guiding, purifying, and protecting. Practitioners from around the country have been talking about their wonderful experiences with this new Reiki energy.

First Day: Receive info on Holy Fire II Experiences, Placements, and Ignitions; Experience the Healing in the River of Life intro, the Healing in the River of Life Experience, the Pre-Ignition and the Advanced Reiki Training Placement (attunement) in peaceful meditations. Receive the Usui Master symbol which increases flow of Reiki energy, increases the effectiveness of the Reiki II symbols, and is used for healing, and manifestation; receive info on Soul/Spirit/Three Heavens/Letting Go of Guides; demonstration/practice of advanced Japanese Reiki Techniques w/ Holy Fire II Energy/Usui Master symbol for treatments; demonstration/ practice in using crystals and stones with Reiki sessions for self/others, how to make a Reiki crystal grid for distant healing for self/others/situations/goals/world peace; learn/practice Moving Meditation; info on healing spirit attachments.

“As we love ourselves, we become naturally happy and  others benefit as we stay happy.” from Lauren’s guide

 Second & Third Day:  Receive the Ocean of Holy Love Experience, the Holy Fire Symbol, the Holy Fire Healing Experience, two complete Usui-Holy Fire II Reiki Master Ignitions (attunements) in peaceful meditations;  demonstration/practice advanced Japanese Reiki techniques w/ the Holy Fire symbol and Holy Fire II Reiki Energy; review how to give all experiences, placements, and ignitions (including the Usui-Holy Fire II system) including Reiki Master,  self-placements, ignitions; explanation/Holy Fire II Reiki/spiritual guidance; practice Holy Fire Meditation harmonizing the energy of the chakras; explanation/values/spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master; ideas/how to teach Reiki including reviewing the class outlines; ideas/ how to develop & promote your Reiki business.

Please Note: Students may take this class even if you do not plan on teaching Reiki. The Usui-Holy Fire Master Class enhances your healing abilities for clients and for self, (as well as gives you the abilities to teach Holy Fire Reiki classes if you want to.) During the ART/Master class several Holy Fire healing experiences, placements and ignitions are received and powerful healing experiences often take place, as well as deep healing continuing over several weeks, months, and years.

Included: A 186 page Usui-Holy Fire II Master Reiki Training Manual, including the Advanced Holy Fire II Reiki Training and Master information, a certificate, plus one other book which you may choose in class. Refreshments will be provided and we will take a 45 minute break for lunch. You may either bring your lunch or go out to eat in a restaurant. Please wear comfortable clothing in layers.

Prerequisites: Please note that the prerequisites are Reiki I, and II classes. You must practice at the Reiki II level for 6 months before taking the Master Class.

Presenter: Lauren Potter is an Adjunct Faculty member at CCSNH and teaches Intro to Energy Techniques and Reiki to the Massage Specialties students at the Lebanon and Keene campuses of RVCC. Lauren is a Holy Fire II Reiki & Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher & Practitioner, is a member of the VT Reiki Association and the Reiki Membership Association. She practices and teaches in VT and NH.

Tuition: $760 for the 3 day class with a deposit of $380. This may be paid with your credit card online on this website through PayPal. The deposit is nonrefundable, but may be applied to any class Lauren teaches in the future if you are unable to come to the original class.

 Lauren is also approved as a school provider for Non-Degree Financial Assistance Grants for this class with the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation ( If you have financial need, and live in VT,  please contact them directly. If you are interested in taking the ART/Master Class with Lauren at some point, and want to go the VSAC route for funding, it is important to get your application in to them as soon as possible when funding becomes available, as they award grants on a first come- first served basis.

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