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Hi Friends!

I  asked my spiritual guide what would be helpful for my readers for this post. My guide picked up the book next to me and opened to these pages, chose these quotes for you and added some comments of his own.

Here are two affirmations and two other quotes from Orin, Sanaya Roman’s guide, from her book Living With Joy.

“I open to receive more love, joy, and abundance.”

“I ask for and receive my higher good in every area of my life. ”

“If you exist in a feeling of love- if you can find it in everything you do, through your words, eyes, and feelings -you can cancel out with one act of love thousands of acts of a lower nature. ” p. 93

“Love operates in the present, and by focusing on it in the present, you send it into the future and release it to the past.” p.93

and from Lauren’s guide “Love is always available. Now is where your opportunity is. Simply tune into love now. Love heals.”

“Our lives are meant to be joyful. Have a great day!”

Love and Light,

Lauren Potter