Dream Workshops

“Interpreting Your Dreams, Waking Visions, and Intuitions” Nights and Afternoons

How can dreams, visions, and intuitions be helpful in guiding us to experience the quality of life we desire? Bring a dream with you! We’ll explore our dreams together, and each of us will figure out what the symbols and action means for our unique life. Dreams connect us to the wisdom that has come to us over many lifetimes, our unique path, and the abundance of love within us.  We’ll receive guidance from several authors – Carl Jung who interpreted 80,000 dreams in his lifetime, and from Alice Anne Parker, a psychic dream therapist from Hawaii. This is a fun workshop filled with meaningful images and many “ah ha!” moments and illuminating insights. For more info, please call 802-591-0507 or email laurenpottervt@gmail.com. For cost & to register please go to the Class Sign Up Page.