Energy Techniques for Reiki II & UP Practitioners

In this workshop we will experience three exercises which will teach you to direct your attention to the slow river of energy movement around your body and to discover where you have blockage and freedom of movement, introduce you to energy active positions on your body, and balance the energies that move through you with a lacing of your awareness, bringing you to a point of deep stillness and meditation. Insights, clarifications, and sense of higher guidance will come through. You will notice various attributes of the etheric. We will discuss what influences the etheric as a damaging effect or a positive effect and how the positive elements encourage the etheric to act in its natural way. As we work with a partner on the table, introducing shape and geometry, sound and color, we’ll invite an increase in the communication between the various parts of ourselves including our conscious and unconscious mind. We’ll notice sensations, insights, relaxation, and opening into a balanced, nonjudgmental, nonpolarized state associated with wisdom, compassion, unconditional love, bliss, and stillness.
Included: Your choice of an energy healing book from Lauren’s selection – a $15 value. Folder of handouts, and a certificate. Healthy refreshments provided for the morning and afternoon breaks. Bring a lunch or go across the street to Dan and Whit’s to pick up a sandwich, etc.