Inner Guide Workshop (Level I) & Attunement

Inner Guide Workshop (Level I) & Attunement –

There are three choices:

The attunement to the Seraph Rose Aura and reading the introductory Lightarian Institute manual are prerequisites before advancing to the Archangel Workshops where you will open to channel.

  1. The Inner Guide Level I Workshop includes the Seraph Rose Aura attunement, introductory manual and a full day of information and instruction in how to connect to your inner guides. The Level I Workshop is highly recommended but not required.
  2. If you choose you may ask Lauren to mail you the manual for your to study, then give you the Seraph’s attunement by phone, in person, or remotely.
  3. You may attend the Spiritual Experiences Workshop, including two full days, the Seraph Rose Aura attunement, manual, information and instruction in how to connect to your inner guides, and practices and experience helpful to your spiritual growth. This workshop provides an excellent foundation for enjoying connecting with your inner guides.
  4. The fee for the manual and attunement is $125. The fee for the full day Level I workshop including the manual, attunement and another book is $173. The fee for the two full day Spiritual Experiences Workshop including manual, attunement, and another book is $236.

Inner Guide Level I Workshop- both one day and two day includes the following:

  • You will experience during meditation a peaceful attunement with the Seraph Rose Aura who holds the flame of unconditional love for all of us. After the attunement she will remain an angelic guide of the highest order for you in all areas having to do with your heart space.
  • Who are your inner guides? This class provides an intro to angels, archangels, ascended masters, spirit totem animals, ancestral spirits and other inner guides.
  • How do we know they’re with us? Learn about signs, intuition, and about “clairs,” (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairolfactory, clairgustatory) that help us know our inner guides are with us and helping us.
  • How do we raise our vibration to better connect with our guides? We will practice an effective chigong movement sequence which promotes free flow of chi energy.
  • How do we connect with the guides? We’ll experience several methods.
  •  We will also explore energy work with your inner guides and experience angelic light weaving.
  • How to use angelic oracle cards to clarify messages from your angel guides and how to do a reading for yourself and others will also be presented.

Spiritual Experiences Workshop – two days includes the above plus the following:

  •  practice self-mastery exercises and explorations helpful to our understanding the dynamics of our ascension/descension process
  •  experience introductory exercises for eventual opening to channel
  • discuss spiritual symbolism
  • experience Jyoti meditation
  • experience guided movement exercises to raise our vibration designed specifically for participants who attend each workshop

Included:You will leave class with the Lightarian Institute Seraph Rose Aura Manual, a folder of materials, a certificate of completion, and a book or card deck which you may choose to take home from Lauren’s selection on working with your inner guides. Refreshments will be provided for the morning and afternoon breaks. Bring your lunch or go out to eat. We’ll take a 40 minute lunch break.

Tuition:  A deposit of half the fee (mentioned in # 4 above) is required to save your space in class. This part of the fee is non-refundable but may be applied to any class Lauren teaches in the future if you are unable to come to the original class. If you’d like to pay by check please mail your deposit to Lauren Potter, P. O. Box 213, Springfield, VT 05156, and call Lauren at 802-591-0507 or email her at to register.  To find a class and/or to pay by credit card click here. Find a Class