Inner Guides Gabriel

The prerequisite for this class is the Inner Guide Workshop Level I or the Trust the Angels Workshop (as it used to be called) with the Seraph Rose Aura attunement.

Inner Guides Archangel Gabriel Workshop

In the morning you will receive the attunement to Archangel Gabriel and hear about his/her specialties of Joyous Being, Strength and Communication. Allow Archangel Gabriel to help your heart sing, to help you find enjoyment and celebration in life, and inspired being. Gabriel is also known for supporting us with strength during challenging times. Archangel Gabriel helps all those who are messengers on earth, such as teachers, counselors, artists, writers, actors, and will also help all of us whose work and lives involve good communications, will help you tap into your own “divine inner communicator,” and will facilitate an expansion of your inner knowing and intuition, guiding you to speak more lovingly from your heart, rather than from your mind or emotions. Archangel Gabriel’s other specialties, including all aspects of child conception, pregnancy, parenting, childhood issues, and working with those who are helping the young will be discussed as well. Our morning session will also include channeling Archangel Gabriel’s guidance through readings for each other. How can I bring more joy into my life? How can I proceed in these challenging times in my life? Does my life’s purpose include being a divine communicator and how can I be a better one?

In the afternoon you will experience Donna Eden exercises and Sanaya Roman ( with her guide Orin) exercises to cultivate joy. We will listen to Ascended Master Djwhall Khul’s (“The Tibetan”) discussion of Cultivating Unconditional Joy. We will practice the Sodarshan Chakra Kriya that helps with inner happiness and ecstasy in life. To finish our day we will create an origami peace mobile to take home or to give to a friend who needs peace  and joy in their life.

Included: A short Lightarian Institute Archangel Gabriel Manual, another book of your choice from Lauren’s selection of inner guide books, a folder of materials, all materials needed to create your origami peace mobile, and a certificate.  I will mail you the Archangel Gabriel manual to read. Refreshments for the morning and afternoon breaks will be provided. Bring your lunch or go out to eat in Springfield.

Presenter: Lauren Potter, Intuitive Channel, Lightarian Institute Facilitator, Adjunct Faculty at CCSNH, and Usui-Holy Fire II Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner. Lauren has 40 years experience. For more info about Lauren please