Inner Guides Michael

The prerequisite for this class is having taken the Inner Guide Level I Workshop (or “Trust the Angels” Workshop as it used to be called) with the Lightarian Institute Seraph Rose Aura AngelLinks™ attunement.

In this retreat Archangel Michael and your guides/angels will address your specific needs. You will receive information on Archangel Michael and his specialties as well as info on other high level guides/angels. You’ll receive the Lightarian Institute AngelLinks™ Archangel Michael attunement in a peaceful ceremony while you meditate, and receive an angelic halo of unique mental purity facilitating your experience of non-judgement and love. After the attunement, Archangel Michael will also be your guide into the etheric realms to help you with your possible interests in telepathy, channeling, and etheric travel which can help with real life issues. He will also help you with protection, keeping you safe in your home and in your inner and outer travels. Archangel Michael will also help you with finding and fulfilling your life’s purpose and being of service to yourself and others. 

During the workshop our primary focus will be to connect with Archangel Michael and his healing band of angels and  experience exercises to channel guidance from these higher dimensions. Archangel Michael helps us to have non-judgmental and self-empathic thinking bringing more love into our lives.  He also helps with removing fears and phobias and protecting us in all ways. He works with Archangel Raphael to help heal us of these unhelpful patterns of thinking. We will experience working with Michael and Raphael in exercises and new techniques in energy healing.  As we do readings for each other we will hear Archangel Michael’s guidance about our life’s purpose and about other questions we want to ask him. We will experience Orin meditations, & movement exercises to embody your spiritual essence. During this workshop you will be strengthening your intuition and other gifts of High Sense Perception to better connect you to Archangel Michael, other angels, and guides.

 A craft project will also be included where we paint, draw, color, or do collage of angelic helpers including our own personal experiences or of how we envision Archangel Michael or other angels/guides to be. Materials will be provided, but feel free to bring any photos or graphics that are special to you to include or to inspire your project.

 When you register you will receive a manual to explore before class. At the retreat, healthy refreshments each morning and afternoon will be provided. We will take a 40 minute break for lunch each day, and you may either bring your lunch or go out to eat. Please wear comfortable clothing. You may choose a book from Lauren’s selection to take home and receive a certificate at the end of the retreat. You will be registered with the Lightarian Institute to be able to pass on the Archangel Michael and the Seraph Rose Aura attunement to others and be able to buy your manuals from the Institute.

Please call 802-591-0507 or email for info on cost and to register.   Enjoy the energy of the angels and guides – all you have to do is ask and they will be with you! This class will give you experience in “tuning in.” Hope you will join us!