Opening To Channel Workshop

This workshop is patterned after Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer’s workshops in Oregon and book designed by their guides Orin and DaBen, titled Opening To Channel.

Channeling is a skill that can be learned by anyone who is interested in opening to the higher realms. As Orin and DaBen put it, ” As you channel you build a bridge to the higher realms – a loving, caring, purposeful collective higher consciousness that has been called God, the All-That-Is, or the Universal Mind….When you ‘channel’ you access these higher realms by connecting with a high-level guide or your higher self, who steps down this higher vibration and makes it more readily available to you…In this receptive state you become the vessel for bringing through higher energies which you can use for creating good….Guides can help you reach upward in ways that are comfortable and aligned with your higher purpose….Channeling is a doorway into more love; the higher realms are abundant with more love. Channeling is a connection that will stimulate, encourage, and support you. Your guide’s goal is to make you more powerful, independent, and confident. The qualities of a perfect relationship – constant love, perfect understanding, and unending compassion – are qualities you will find in your guide….Your guide will  assist you in finding answers to everything from mundane everyday issues to the most challenging spiritual questions. You can use channeling for healing, teaching, and expanding your creativity in all areas of your life. As you access the higher realms, you can bring through great knowledge, wisdom, inventions, works of art, philosophy, poetry, and discoveries of all kinds….We, Orin and DaBen are beings of light. We exist in the higher dimensions, and our goal is to assist you in opening your channel to these dimensions so that you may evolve more rapidly. We have great love for you and it is our concern that you grow and move upward as easily and joyfully as possible. We have put together this course for the purpose of connecting you with your own guide or higher self…. [Channeling] is easier than you might think…[The information in the course] will help you to learn to discriminate between high-level guides and less-evolved entities, and determine whether or not the advice you receive from a guide is trustworthy. It will show you how to connect with the highest guide possible for you.” Orin and DaBen as well as Lauren’s guides will be present to assist you with opening to channel with your high-level guide or your higher self in the workshop described here.

This workshop weekend includes an introduction to channeling on Saturday morning with information on how to achieve a conscious trance state, how to recognize high level guides, methods guides use to transmit messages, and what to expect when you channel, and more. The next segment of the workshop includes the following exercises designed to help you achieve a conscious, light trance state: 1) Achieving a Relaxed State; 2) Holding a Focus and Concentration, 3)Attuning to Life-Force Energy, 4) Conscious Light Trance Posture and Position. The final segments of the workshop include the following processes to help you connect with your guide: 1) Welcoming Ceremony to the Guide’s Realm and First Meeting with Your Guide; 2) Verbally Channeling Your Guide; 3) Questions to Ask Your Guide When First Starting Channeling; 4) How to Assist and Guide Your Partner Through Their First Meeting with Their Guide; 5) Congratulations and What Comes Next.

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