Healing Sessions

Healing sessions with Lauren are a combination of channeled energy work including Reiki,  and whatever methods the guides want to use to help the client open to deep healing in their mind, body, and spirit

“light” as in “not heavy;” and “light” as in “filled with light and love:”

Lauren accesses information for healing intuitively through the chakras and human energy field and from our guides and angels. She is guided in the use of Barbara Brennan and Donna Eden energy healing techniques as well as Usui-Holy Fire II Reiki and Karuna Reiki ® and other techniques used by the guides. During your session, for example, Lauren and the guides may work on cleansing, charging, and balancing your chakras and chelation (cleansing and charging) of your auric field allowing life force energy to flow freely throughout your energy system, mind and body. When there is a free flow of energy throughout your system health is enjoyed.  They may work on specific areas of disease, pain, or tension to allow the energy field and body to release the blockages and relax into healing. They may focus on strengthening positive qualities such as thoughtfulness, friendliness, courage, resilience, love, forgiveness, equanimity, kindness, generosity, honesty, joy,  happiness, and enjoyment of life. During your session, stress and negative patterns of thought are released, relaxation is achieved, and realization of well-being and abundance of good is present. Healing patterns experienced during the session may develop and evolve over time and resolve challenges as you open to healing in your life.


Lauren and our guides may add crystal healing   or toning to your healing session.

Lauren and the guides may also comment on your dreams and how they can be a very practical help in guiding your life. Lauren has experience with Jungian psychology, and has studied other dream therapists’ suggestions for working with your dreams, visions, and intuition. Lauren also teaches dream workshops.

During and after the session Lauren and our guides may comment on images, beneficial ideas, and suggestions received during the session about life issues, nutrition, energy exercises, and practices for well-being.

Distant Reiki sessions are also available.


FEES   In person healing sessions 1 hour $67, 1 1/2 hours $82, 2 hours $125

Distant Reiki sessions 6, 1/2 hour sessions $75

Please email Lauren at the Contact Us page or call 802-591-0507 for an appointment.