Readings/Spiritual Mentoring

Lauren and her guides are spiritual mentors for her students and others desiring guidance for their lives. Your guides also channel guidance through Lauren before and during the session. The wisdom, clarity, and resourcefulness of all the guides are very helpful in understanding a larger perspective of all life’s issues, including understanding the loving-kindness and guidance that is always available to you from your High Self, the Higher Power, guides, and angels. All of the guides help us discuss issues surrounding healing one’s life, finding one’s life’s purpose, and going forward with courage and inner strength. Our guides can help with how to enjoy looking into career and job possibilities, how to heal our relationships, and suggest practices that will be particularly helpful and effective in allowing you to tune in to your guidance. Our guides often choose passages from books and specific card decks for each client’s session to aid in the focus of our discussion. During the session our guides suggest further resources such as books, websites, classes, healing practitioners, and other connections that will be helpful to you.


In person and phone sessions

1 hour $55

1 1/2 hours $72

2 hours $93

Email Lauren on the Contact Us page or call her at 1-802-591-0507 for an appointment.