Following are comments from the Reiki I Certification Class for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing on Sept. 17, 2017: On a scale of 1-5  all 8 participants rated Lauren’s “knowledge of Reiki” with either a Strongly Agree or Agree; 7 out of the 8 rated her “teaching the class in a manner that was comfortable” with either a Strongly Agree, or an Agree, and 1 rated it a Neutral; all 8 participants rated the “cost of the program was fair” with Agree or Strongly Agree; 7 out of 8 participants rated “the class met their expectations” as either Strongly Agree or Agree, and 1 rated it Neutral. Some of the specific comments are ” I would encourage you to teach the Deaf and HOH. I feel you did very well and have been sensitive to accessibility with having two interpreters.” “Excellent pace.” “Love the 4th floor space in the Winston Prouty Center.” “One of the interpreters incorporated her knowledge beautifully in her interpretation. The other interpreter was good.” “I am highly appreciative for this class! Thanks!” “Food, snacks, great! I like this place-location!” The participants asked for ASL interpreted more advanced Reiki classes including Reiki II, Advanced Reiki Training & Master Class, and Karuna Reiki® Class, and Animal Reiki Classes all of which Lauren will be scheduling.

(From an Inner Guide Level I participant)” Lauren! Thank you for helping me develop a positive outlook on life even as I worry about the future of our country! This inner peace has changed my outlook. Who said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks!”

(From Reiki I Class participant) “Everything was very user friendly and powerful.”

(From a distant Reiki recipient’s wife) “Thank you , Lauren, for all your help! It’s like a miracle, my husband is doing so well. Bless you.”

(From a student who has taken several Reiki Classes) ” Lauren, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your mentorship, support, and guidance as I walk my Reiki path. Not only are your classes full of information and the perfect spiritual vibration for me, but you have taken so much time outside of class to give me support as well, and that does not go unnoticed. You are doing such amazing things by bringing Reiki to people and spreading the light! I can only hope that someday I can be of service to others the way you have been to me. Thank you!.”

(From a Reiki I & II Class student) “Just a quick note to tell you about my health since our last class. My blood sugar levels have dropped 100+ points! I was amazed as there is no cure for diabetes. If you are diabetic your pancreas is no longer working and there is no way to fix that. I can only assume that I have had a partial healing of my pancreas. And less anxiety also helps. Thank you so much.”

(Reiki I Class) ” Everything was well timed and comfortable.”

(From Bayada Hospice staff) “We want to say thank you for all the time you have given (as a Reiki volunteer) and continue to give to our patients and their families. You do make a difference and we so appreciate it and you!”

(Reiki I Class) ” Lauren spoke in the right tone, cadence – great for learning information.”

(Dream workshop) “Thank you for sharing your gifts and love.”

(Inner Guide Level I Workshop) “I did not come as a strong believer. I leave with light, peace, and an appetite for more.”

(Usui-Holy Fire II Advanced Reiki Training & Master Class) “The Reiki Crystal Healing was magnificent for me and charged my chakras. The Holy Fire II ignition (attunement) I will always remember.”

(After a Reiki I Class) I wanted to let you know that Monday evening Eli was in my lap and I thought this would be a good time to give him Reiki.  I prepared as best as I could without moving and waking him up.  I used both hands and just hovered them about an inch or two over his head, back and bottom.  I placed one hand on his lower stomach for a few minutes.  He never moved.  This morning, he ate every bite of his breakfast.   I have enclosed a picture of Eli.
Thank you …

(Reiki II) ” This program was very good! This class is very easy-going and informative. Lauren is an excellent teacher, full of knowledge and love for Reiki and life.”

(Reiki I and II student) “I just wanted to let you know that after my Reiki I class I started to Reiki my honey bees. I have 5 hives and I go up to the beeyard,  meditate and then send them loving Reiki. My bees  love it! You can tell by how they buzz that they are happy. They make the most delicious honey and have made it through every winter (treatment free). Thank you for teaching me so I can feel better connected to them.”

( Reiki I class) “Lauren is awesome, understanding and kind. Made me feel comfortable.”

(Reiki II) “I had a really lovely time in this class. I feel more balanced and able to offer Reiki for people with more confidence.”

“Lauren is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Reiki.”

(Reiki I) “I am very excited about having been able to find problems in others and bringing them relief!”

(Reiki II) “Thank you for the wonderful experience!”

(Reiki I) “Lot of material – excited to dig deeper in Reiki II.”

(Reiki II) “The program was great! Time to answer questions, felt like my learning style was well understood. Love that the 2nd day included Reiki Share.”

(A distant Usui-Holy Fire II Reiki recipient) “Thank you so much, Lauren, I did pass my exam, I know you were right there with me along with my Angels and Guide. Grateful for you in my life.”

“This program exceeded my expectations. Lauren, you made the class interesting and covered far more information than I expected. I know I have a lot more to learn and practice, but I feel I am off to a good start. Thank you!”

(An Usui-Holy Fire II distant Reiki recipient) “Thank you for sending me Reiki and for all your support. The work you do and the way you are in the world is so inspiring and impactful. Thank you!”

(Usui-Holy Fire II Advanced Reiki Training & Master Classes) ” This workshop far surpassed my highest expectations. Lauren is most thoughtful, insightful, and knowledgeable. Compassion is her nature.The class provided sufficient hands-on practice. Very valuable and wonderful experiences. All three days were amazing in their own special ways. Standout experiences include Reiki Crystal Healing, The Holy Fire Healing Experience & Healing River of Life Experience. Everything from Lauren herself, to the music, food, space, and delivery of material was just fantastic, beautiful, and inspiring. Thank You!”

( Reiki I class) “Awesome interaction.”

“This was a very well organized program. Material was presented so it can be well retained.”

(Reiki I Class) “Loved it! Lauren has so much knowledge and teaches with a lot of passion, gentleness, and integrity. Thank you! Loved all the practice time too!”

“Very good pacing, good and clear explanations of highly abstract ideas.”

( From a Reiki client) “I had never tried Reiki until Lauren came to treat my husband who was in a nursing home. Lauren offered to give me a Reiki session as well. At first I was reluctant to believe that it would be helpful, but I found that it was relaxing, relieved my stress, and actually reduced my pain. The effects of the session lasted for days and the pain from my arthritis and spinal stenosis has improved with continuing Reiki sessions.”

“I appreciate you and all your efforts and preparation for this class. I feel blessed to have you in my life.”

(Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki I, II, & Master Class) The question on the evaluation form is “What was the most positive experience you had in this class?” This student responded, ” Being around company and deep healing.” Another student answered the following question, ” How would you describe your experience in this class to a friend?” by saying, “My experience was gentle and yet life changing!”

“Great experience – thank you!”

“Lauren, you are very articulate, loving, and committed to your Higher Purpose. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate the exposure to all the resources too.”

“Thank you so much for the Inner Guide/Angel Workshop in Brattleboro! It was excellent and I am so glad I could attend. It was one of the best things I have done in ages.”

(Inner Guide/Angel Workshop) “Thank you – a wonderfully soothing, thought-filled day guided by love, light, and angelic spirit!”

(Comments 1 1/2 months after Reiki I Class) ” My health improvements, 1) improvement in energy level, 2) blood sugar went from 320 to 120!! 3) more focus, 4) lost 10 lbs.”

“Great class! Can’t wait for Reiki II.”

“Great atmosphere. Very soothing, comforting voice.”

“The information was well presented and Lauren was very forthcoming when questions were asked. The take home info seems thorough. Thank you, Lauren – I’m so excited to embark on this journey.”

(Reiki I class)”Nice space, good light. Excellent knowledge of subject. Inspiring. Effective teaching practices.”

(Reiki II class) The question on the evaluation form is “Did the instructor teach the class in a manner that was comfortable for learning?” All responses to this question over many years from all Lauren’s students has been “Agree” or “Strongly agree.”

(Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki I, II, & Master Classes) “I found it very informative, very healing. Lauren was very knowledgeable and explained and answered questions as they came.The class had enough practice and I did enjoy very much the meditations. The most positive experience that I had in the class was my healing of my wounds and pains and meeting the guide to my life.”

( Inner Guide/Angel Workshop) “The angel light weaving experience and Seraph’s attunement were really wonderful and all of the information you provided was so helpful.”

“The space was beautiful and had amazing energy.”

“I first met Lauren Potter during her Reiki I training in 2013. Since then, I have also participated in her Inner Guide and Dream, Vision, and Intuition seminars as well as Reiki level II and Advanced Reiki Training. I draw on what I learned from Lauren regularly, as part of my self-care routine, to help me de-stress from, and remain in a positive flow of, life as a graduate student. I often share with Lauren special insights and occurances that I believe have come as a result of our work together. She has been very helpful and supportive. Thank you, Lauren!”

The instructor was ” open to questions. Pace was perfect.”

The cost of the program was “very reasonable.”

(After a Reiki & Intuitive Healing Session) “Yes, as a matter of fact I have been feeling more even and balanced emotionally. Things aren’t ruffling my feathers as much and I seem better equipped to get through emotional situations and able to bounce back more easily. I can not even begin to express how good that feels! My priorities are really changing as well, what is important to me has shifted. Feeling really really blessed.
I hope to see you again soon! “

The instructor had “so much knowledge!!”

“It was a spiritually changing experience.”

( Inner Guide Workshop) “Ever since I had the attunement with Seraph Rose Aura I am seeing colors in nature more vividly. It is really neat.”

(Advanced Reiki Training) ” Lauren, your personal responses, in amongst all the “training” are very valuable.”

(Advanced Reiki Training) ” I feel strongly that I am on the path to personal growth and healing and that Reiki (through Lauren’s classes) is critical to this healing.”

(Usui-Holy Fire II Advanced Reiki Training and the Master Classes) Question on evaluation form was “Did this workshop fulfill your expectations based on the class description provided by the teacher?” This student said, “Absolutely.” “Also Lauren answered questions effectively and compassionately, the class provided sufficient hands on practice, and the most positive experience was “The Holy Fire Ignition (one of the attunements.)”